Project Description

Hyatt Regency Lobby Renovation

Hyatt Regency Newport Beach greets visitors upon stepping foot into the hotel with a transformed lobby radiating a beachside décor look and feel. The $2 million renovation, completed earlier this year, brings a fresh look and a calm casual elegance to the property’s main gathering areas including the lobby entrance, registration, and bar and lounge areas; and includes a new library enclave.

“Our goal was to create a visiting area representative of a beachside residence,” said General Manager Paul Devitt. “It encourages guests to gather comfortably for coffee, cocktails and appetizers in a setting that offers inviting spaces and flexible seating.”

Upon entering the hotel in the new reception area, guests will find the unique registration desk of ‘pods’ that are intimately suitable for the causalness and informality of a beach residence, while the lounge and bar areas offer interesting and functional furnishings, allowing guests to re-group seating arrangements to suite the needs of their party. Unique ‘Bird-Nest’ chairs, moduar sofas, communal tables, and a soothing residential-style fireplace invite guests to relax and socialize.

The overall look of the redesign is of soft hues and neutral tones. The mostly custom furnishings utilize hardwoods, metals and natural stone and are adorned with throw pillows and fabric rich to the touch, while fascinating custom light cluster of Italian, hand-blown glass globes are suspended from above reminating the perfect lighting for the collaborative space.

In addition, a separate and intimate library lounge was added to the property, showcasing magnificent lifestyle books resting on walnut-wood ledges within. A long-cut tree trunk communal table invites guests to peruse the literature or have an intimate conversation.

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